Packaged Salad Linked To Listeria Outbreak

Jan 25, 2016

Credit WikiCommons

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending the public to wash all produce before consuming it.  12 people in six states have been infected with Listeria. 

So far, one person in Michigan has died.  The CDC says the outbreak came from packaged salads that were produced at the Dole processing facility in Springfield, Ohio.  The salads were packed under the brand names Dole, Fresh Selections, Simple Truth, Marketside, The Little Salad Bar, and President's Choice Organics.

Dietitian Lisa McDowell from St. Joseph Mercy Health System says symptoms for Listeria include fever, muscle aches, upset stomach and sometimes diarrhea.

The recalled packaged salads can be identified by the letter A at the beginning of the manufacturing code found on the package.

You can find more information on the recall at the CDC website.

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