The Pandemic Is Not Over, But Life Resumes For Those Vaccinated, According To Mich Med Doctor

Jun 15, 2021

COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers
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Shaking hands, hugging. and dining inside restaurants is now OK, according to Michigan Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Sandro Cinti. He talks with WEMU's Lisa Barry about how medical professionals believe it is safe to return to many of our regular, pre-pandemic activities for those who are vaccinated and not immune compromised.

Dr. Sandro Cinti
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Although the pandemic is not officially over and may not be considered to be for many years, those who are fully vaccinated can now participate in most pre-pandemic activities. That’s according to Michigan Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Sandro Cinti.  

He also agreed with federal health officials on rules for wearing a mask. If you're vaccinated and not immune compromised, you don't really need to wear a mask in a public setting unless it is otherwise posted or there is still a mask policy in place.

Dr. Cinti says hugging and shaking hands and eating inside a restaurant are now OK (again, if you are fully vaccinated). 

He said scientists continue to watch for new variants of the virus but says, so far, the ones that have appeared all seem to be covered by current vaccines.

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