Presidential Action On Immigration Could Be A Boon To The Economy

Dec 22, 2014

University of Michigan professor emeritus of economics thinks President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration could boost the economy.

Polls show President Barack Obama's executive actions to defer deportation for undocumented workers continues to divide the country. However, a University of Michigan professor emeritus of economics thinks the executive order could actually benefit the economy.

The President's actions last month could let over four millions undocumented immigrants stay in the country for 3 years. Economist Tom Weisskopf believes this added stability will help increase worker productivity. Weisskopf asserted that studies show fears of undocumented workers taking jobs from U.S. citizens are largely unfounded, as "immigrant workers largely compliment rather than substitute for them, that is, they work in different areas, different fields, and are rarely in competition with U.S.-born workers for the same jobs."

Weisskopf states additions to the official labor force will strengthen the Social Security and boost income tax revenues.

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