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Public Hearing To Be Held To Discuss If Ann Arbor Should Lift A Ban On Firing Guns In The City

Nov 5, 2015

Ann Arbor's city council will host a public hearing Thursday to discuss if guns should temporarily be allowed to be fired in the city. 

Council wants to get input from you before they consider approving a moratorium that would lift a ban on firing weapons in order for sharpshooters to kill deer to control their population.

As of now, its against the law to fire weapons in Ann Arbor and without a change the city hired sharpshooters would not be able to conduct the cull in the winter.

Council will also discuss the $35,000 contract they want to approve for the deer cull services.

The meeting starts at 7 PM at city hall on Thursday November 5th.

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— Jorge Avellan is the Ann Arbor beat reporter, and anchor for 89.1 WEMU News. Contact him at 734.487.3363 or email him studio@wemu.org

Credit City of Ann Arbor / a2gov.org