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Recognize The Early Signs Of Hypothermia And Frostbite

Jan 14, 2016

Damage inflicted by frostbite.
Credit courtesy photo / Wikipedia

  Confusion and gray or yellow-tinged skin are two of the more subtle signs of hypothermia and frostbite, respectively. Health officials say Washtenaw County residents should be aware of the symptoms when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Susan Cerniglia is with the Washtenaw County Health Department. 

She says,

“Hypothermia...can cause confusion and difficulty thinking. Frostbite is where the skin can actually freeze. It will appear grayish white or yellow and the victim may not be aware if they’re not feeling [pain] because they’re numb.”

Cerniglia says limiting time outdoors and dressing in layers are the best ways to avoid cold-related injury and illness. 

Here's a list of Washtenaw County warming centers.

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