'By Right' Projects Still One Area In Which Ann Arbor Can Improve

Jan 18, 2015

After residents raise concerns, debate on the topic can be useful.

A Michigan Economic Developments Corporation report shows in most areas Ann Arbor meets best practices to be considered redevelopment ready. However, the MEDC recommends City Council not consider development proposals that meet zoning requirements.

In recent years, council has been divided on some of these "by right" projects, such as the 14-story building currently under construction at Huron and Division. City Council member, Sabra Briere, says debating these projects when residents raise issues can be useful. Briere attested that if council is wise "we use that imformation to tell us where there are problems with our existing regulations."

Council Member, Kirk Westphal, thinks there is a trade off in delaying projects that will, ultimately, be approved. He stated the more a developer spends getting a project approved, the less they can spend on the building, itself.

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