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Schuette: Supreme Court Needs To Resolve Same-Sex Marriage Question ASAP

Mar 26, 2014

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says the sooner the US Supreme Court settles the question of whether same-sex marriage bans are constitutional, the better. 

The US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has extended its freeze on same-sex marriages in Michigan while it decides the case.

But Schuette says he expects the question will have to be decided by the nation's highest court. 

"I'm going to let the United States Supreme Court make the final decision, but 2.7 million residents of Michigan made a decision, and voted for that marriage amendment. And I think it should stand and I'm going to respect that. Now, if the Supreme Court makes a different decision, I'll honor that." 

The Supreme Court is not likely to decide another same-sex marriage case before its next session. Attorneys seeking to overturn Michigan's ban say holding up recognition of same-sex marriages hurts families with children.