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Snyder Files For Re-Election

Apr 17, 2014

Snyder files for reelection

Governor Rick Snyder has filed 26 thousand petition signatures to put his name on the Republican primary ballot in August, and - if all goes as planned - make him a candidate for reelection in November.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
Credit Facebook.com/GovernorRickSnyder

The governor was joined by Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, and a couple dozen supporters to cart boxes of petitions into the state Bureau of Elections.

Snyder says he intends to run on his record and the state's improving economy.

"We said we going to do a lot of things, and we did and Michigan's the comeback state, and we should be proud of that, but what I would say is, let's build on that," he said. "Let's keep going. Let's go even faster and show an improvement in our economy. More opportunities for people."

Democrats are trying to make the tax on pension income and school spending campaign issues. Former Congressman Mark Schauer is expected to file petitions tomorrow (Fri.) to appear on the Democratic ballot. No other candidates have filed or announced plans to run in either primary, which would clear the way for Snyder and Schauer to face each other in November.