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Snyder touts EAA in New York ahead of possible Senate vote this week

Mar 25, 2014

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is attending a Manhattan Institute conference on Detroit this week
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  The state Senate could vote this week on a bill to bolster a controversial state-run authority meant to turn around failing schools. 

 The Education Achievement Authority currently oversees 15 schools in Detroit. After more than a year of debate, the state House passed legislation last week that would pave the way for it to expand statewide.

 Governor Rick Snyder championed the EAA Monday while speaking in front of a Manhattan Institute policy forum in New York City.

 “It’s really one of the most innovative places going on for education in the country,” said Snyder. “They are doing student-centered learning. They have flipped the classroom concept. They are leveraging technology appropriately. They’ve gone to a longer school year. They’ve gone to a longer school day. And they’re making progress.”

 But critics of the EAA say standardized test results show student growth has been mixed at best. They say the authority threatens local control of schools and has struggled with keeping students safe.

 House Bill 4369 passed the state House last week with the minimum required votes. It would cap the number of schools allowed in the state reform district at 50. It would also allow intermediate school districts to take over schools with test scores in the bottom 5% in the state. 

Governor Rick Snyder unveiled plans to reform Detroit Public Schools by creating the Education Achievement System. That announcement was broadcast Live from Renaissance High School, Detroit: