Soapbox Summer 2018-Anthony Morgan

Aug 2, 2018

Soapbox Summer 2018-Anthony Morgan

Anthony Morgan is seeking election to Ypsilanti City Council in the 3rd Ward.  This is the candidate's submission to WEMU's 2018 Soapbox Summer.


My name is Anthony Morgan and I am running for Ypsilanti city council ward 3.  In this campaign, there's so much to talk about, so much to discuss, so many opinions and perspectives.  Some of the burning questions that I want to talk about quickly is politics.

What are politics?  What is policy?  Who decides on policy?  Who determines who gets into office to view interpret and and decide on policy?  People who get into office are based on what?  How do you get to know your elected officials?  These are some of the things that I think I'm going to unmask and delve into when it comes to the constituency bases, because there are so many perspectives and so little understanding on this concept.

So when you think about topics such as healthcare, labor , education, environment, affordable housing, policing, LGBTQ rights, disability justice, immigration, infrastructure and taxes; depending on what candidate is in office or who holds that position will determine the perspective that is taken.

My campaign is called Ypsilanti 2034; which is a comprehensive look at the next 15 years here in Washtenaw County, mainly Ypsilanti City, that is surrounded by agendas, strategies and plans to be able to move the city forward in comparison to the last 15 years from 2003 to 2018. 

And within that, Ypsi 2034 is a campaign called the Y.E.S. Campaign, where YOUTH are the primary focus and increasing skills, trades, common space usage, advanced technology and a more comprehensive school system for Ypsilanti citizens and students to be able to compete with the rest of the cities and the State.  The E is for ENVIRONMENT and that is to beautify and protect our city's natural resources to be able to use, common spaces equitably and fairly.  The S  is for SAFETY, and it's redefining what safety looks like for specific areas of the population.

And with interchanging leadership, with the Water Street fiasco, with a lack of vision for our City I believe it's imperative that we elect people that are going to use compassion, competency and a heart to work for change.

That is the candidate who I am, and if you want to reach me to find out more; or you can find me on my Facebook for Anthony Morgan for Ypsi City Council.   Thank you so much! Ypsilanti 2034,   Vote Y.E.S. for Anthony Morgan!!!