Soapbox Summer 2018 - Anuja Rajendra

Jul 12, 2018

Anuja Rajendra wants your vote in the upcoming primary election for State Senate 18th District.  Here is the candidate's submission to the 2018 WEMU Soapbox Summer.

Hi, I’m Anuja Rajendra, and I’m working hard to earn your vote as your next State Senator. 

Every day on the campaign trail, I count the reasons why I power through obstacles. 

I power through for my four kids, and for all of our children in Michigan, so they have access to a safe and quality education and a future that gives them fair opportunity. 

For hard working Michiganders, who struggle to make ends meet-- the same way my mom and dad struggled when they came to Michigan from India. 

For equitable pay and rights, so my two daughters and all people will finally receive equal pay for equal work.  

I power through for better infrastructure, and public transit because, as an engineer, I know how important they are. 

For small businesses and startups, because I know firsthand they’re a starting point for innovation and the future of well-paying jobs. 

I power through for our environment because you cannot put a price tag on our Great Lakes. 

For restorative justice and criminal justice reform, affordable housing, and greater access to elder care.  

I power through for single payer Healthcare, including mental health services, because health care is a human right, not a privilege. 

And above all, I power through for the diverse, beautiful voices in our community without real representation because no person should feel left out due to their gender, sexuality, race, ability, faith, creed, or economic status.  

We deserve an accountable, transparent, results-oriented, and compassionate Senate in Michigan that represents the diverse fabric of our people.  

My name is Anuja Rajendra, and I’m running to be your next State Senator because in all of my real-world experiences as a mother, a double Alumna of the University of Michigan, a socially conscious small business owner, a daughter of immigrants, an inclusive problem solver, and a community builder, I’ve never let obstacles hold me back.   

On August 7th I’m asking you to vote for a new way forward -- Vote Anuja Democrat for State Senate!