Soapbox Summer 2018 - Christopher Taylor

Jul 10, 2018

Credit Myra Klarman

Christopher Taylor is seeking your vote to be re-elected Mayor of Ann Arbor.  This is the candidate's submission to the 2018 WEMU Soapbox Summer.

Hi, my name is Christopher Taylor and I’m the Mayor of Ann Arbor.  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as your Mayor since 2014, when I pledged to improve basic services andenhance quality of life. 

Since 2014, we’ve accomplished quite a lot -- the roads have been terrible for decades, but weare spending millions more now every single year and are on track to have 80% of our roadsrated Good and Excellent by 2025; we’ve intervened in the 1,4 Dioxane lawsuit to demandstronger clean up and protect our drinking water.  We’re in line to obtain best practicesaccreditation for the Ann Arbor Police Department by Fall of 2018; we’ve completed all Tier 1and Tier 2 pedestrian safety projects near our schools to help keep kids safe; we’ve acceleratedstormwater projects; planted 1000s of new street trees; improved our LGBTQ equity score from77 to over 100; dedicated $2.3 million in new money to affordable housing, pedestrian safety,and climate action; and we built a universal access playground in Gallup Park. Our finances arestrong, and our AA+ bond rating reaffirmed. 

I’m running for re-election this year because there’s so much more to do, and I just love our community, and I know I’m not alone in that.  I hear the same thing from people every single day.  We’re not perfect, but people tell me this is the best place they’ve ever lived, and they take pridein what we’ve built together.  And I think at City Hall, we have a role to play in that. 

First and foremost, we’re responsible for our basic services: streets, sidewalks, stormwater,clean water, sewer, police, fire.  These are the things we do and have to do every single day,and I’m committed to making them better and better because they are the core of what makesAnn Arbor a great place to live.  Over the next four years, I want us to increase road spending,roads 80% Good and Excellent; take further and real action on 1,4 Dioxane; secure safedrinking water with a refurbished Water Treatment Plant and improved water main networks; Iwant us to reduce neighborhood flooding with more stormwater projects. 

But we’re not just a basic community.  Ann Arbor is not going to be the best place you’ve everlived if it’s not the most equitable place you’ve ever lived, if it’s not the most sustainable placeyou’ve ever lived.  Funding and implementing our affordable housing plan so we can improvediversity and inclusion; making us an age-friendly community to help seniors age in place;starting up and supporting a trusted policing commission; funding and implementing our climateaction plan so that we can do our part; improving our composting and recycling systems; andmaking sure that we are the most pedestrian and bike friendly town you’ve ever lived in.  My priorities are Ann Arbor priorities.  Basic services, equity, sustainability.  That’s why I’mrunning for re-election, and that’s why I’d be grateful for your vote on August 7.