Soapbox Summer 2018 - Graydon Krapohl

Jul 20, 2018

Graydon Krapohl would like your vote to continue as Ann Arbor's City Council member in the 4th Ward.  This is the candidate's submission to the 2018 WEMU Soapbox Summer.

Hello, my name is Graydon Krapohl, Democratic Council member for Ann Arbor’s 4th Ward.  Today I’m running for reelection. I am running because I believe in the importance of public service, improving my community and in helping people.

I was born in Ann Arbor, raised here as a young child, and graduated from the University of Michigan.  My wife and I returned to Ann Arbor because we knew it was where we wanted to live and raise our daughter. 

As a veteran, I bring a different perspective to Council that draws on my diverse background and experience in representing the residents of the 4th Ward.  For me, my service in the Marines has been a central factor in guiding both my personal and professional life.  It has shaped my approach to leadership and my role as a public servant. 

Through my service, I learned early that integrity is the cornerstone of character; that duty, honor, and commitment are paramount for service; and that listening, respect and teamwork are essential for success.  I live these values everyday and bring them with me in my service on City Council. 

In making decisions, I am pragmatic and reasoned in my approach, always listening to multiple viewpoints and new ideas.  I have the critical thinking skills needed to sort through and examine the complex issues facing our city.  I make my decisions based on fact and a desire to improve our community and in helping my neighbors in the 4th Ward. 

I have worked collaboratively to improve the quality of life for all residents. 

During the past four years we have: 

● Increased road funding and implemented a new roads managementplan to track progress 

● Completed high priority pedestrian safety improvements around ourschools 

● Intervened in the 1,4 Dioxane lawsuit to help ensure safe drinkingwater 

● Increased stormwater funding to reduce neighborhood flooding 

● And implemented a new forestry plan that will bring 1000’s of streettrees to neighborhoods 

My priorities on Council have and will continue to focus on our neighborhoods, infrastructure and core services, fiscal discipline, affordability and responsible growth. 

Ann Arbor is an extraordinary place to live, work, and visit, and I am proud of our many successes.  As a community, the conversations we are having today and the decisions being made not only impact our quality of life now, but, more importantly, they will determine the direction of our entirecommunity for years to come. 

We have adopted policies that have laid a foundation of success that we can now build on as we move forward into the future.  I believe Ann Arbor is headed in the right direction but we still have work to do.  That work requires experienced leadership.  Someone with an understanding of the challenges facing our community and the ability to work with resident in developing comprehensive solutions.  I am committed in keeping Ann Arbor a vibrant, inviting, and inclusive community for all.  I want to continue toserving you on Council and in building our future together. 

Please vote on August 7.  Your vote is important and I would be honored to receive your support.