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Soapbox Summer - Kevin Jardine

Jul 26, 2016

Kevin Jardine is running to represent Michigan's 54th District in the State House.
Credit Kevin Jardine

Kevin Jardine is running to represent Michigan's 54th District in the State House.  This is Kevin's submission to the WEMU "Soapbox Summer" series.

Hi, my name is Kevin Jardine, and I am seeking the State Rep. seat for Michigan’s 54th District, which includes Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township, and Superior Township.

Like most of you, I’ve grown tired of the same old politics year after year; people we’ve elected, on both sides of the aisle, making little effort to represent and fight for those who put them into office to begin with. These same officials work steadfastly on bills that cater to lobby groups, big-money donors, and corporate entities; no wonder nothing gets done in Lansing!

This campaign season, I plan to change that. I plan on working with both parties, to make sure that your voice, the voice of every Michigander is heard in Lansing! I am not a politician; I’m a full-time, wage-earner, just like most of you. I take pride in working hard, getting my hands dirty, and earning that paycheck at the end of the week to support my family. I know what it’s like to struggle; trying to balance paying for medical bills and paying the energy bill. Why should those who work full-time barely be able to provide for their families, or those graduating from some of the country’s most prestigious schools here in Michigan, be forced to work part-time, low-wage jobs?

I have simple, non-partisan, common-sense solutions to remedy all of these problems! It’s about bringing power from the clutches of big-government back to the private sector. It’s about empowering the people!

First, we need to remove burdensome taxes and oversight on our small businesses, and for the larger ones, replace the current employment tax with a sliding employment tax. This will make it cheaper for businesses to operate and employ workers in Michigan, creating better-paying and more abundant job opportunities.

Second, we need to remove Michigan from the disastrous healthcare exchanges, and replace it with a, more efficient, consolidated, state-subsidized system. This would eliminate overlapping programs and most of the governmental oversight, thereby saving Michigan a large amount of money, and getting all of us the care we need.

Lastly, I plan on replacing an unfair, progressive income tax system, which only hinders the middle class, and replacing it with a less-oppressive flat tax – no credits, no deductions, no loopholes for anyone, so that everyone pays their fair share, without exception.

If you like my plan, and would like to see Michigan thrive into the booming economy that it used to be, vote for me, Kevin Jardine, on November 8th. You can use Twitter hashtag #IHaveAVoice, or check out my website at www.KevinForMichigan.com, and my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/KevinForMichigan . Thank you all for your attention, and I look forward to seeing all of you get out and vote this election season!