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Soapbox Summer - Liz Dahl MacGregor

Jul 13, 2016

Liz Dahl MacGregor is running for City Council in Ypsilanti Ward 3.
Credit Liz Dahl MacGregor

Liz Dahl MacGregor is running for City Council in Ward 3 of Ypsilanti.  This is her submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer."  

Hi. I’m Liz Dahl MacGregor and I’m running for City Council in Ward 3 of Ypsilanti.

I love Ypsi. I grew up in this area. When I finished getting my law degree, my husband, Ken, and I moved to back Ypsilanti because we wanted to raise our family in a community that has a rich history and a diverse population. It is important to us that we live in a place that is walkable, welcoming and strong.

But our community could be stronger. I want to cultivate our local economy and our local businesses while bringing new jobs, diverse jobs to our city. I want to see our empty storefronts filled, and housing built on empty land. We’ve got a big, hole in the middle of our city; I want to help clean it up and make it valuable. I want our city to grow and for us to grow with it.

I’ve worked for the growth and improvement of Ypsilanti for years. I am a member of the City of Ypsilanti Planning Commission. I served on the board of the Ypsilanti Food Cooperative from 2008 until this year. For the last few years, I served as the president of the board. I led the board as it implemented a system of governance that established greater accountability. In doing so, I honed my skills as a facilitator and a consensus builder, working with diverse views and strong opinions to build a better co-op community.

I was a founding board member of our local timebank, hOur Exchange Ypsilanti. I am a board member of Sunday Assembly Ypsilanti. In 2004 and 5, as secretary of the Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse, I helped write its first set of by-laws and negotiate the first contract with the city to manage the Freighthouse.

Today, much of my professional work is helping business owners build our economy. As a Sustainable Economy Law Center fellow, I work with cooperative lawyers across the country to reduce barriers to starting local businesses. I’m a strong believer in our local economy, but we have to have the systems in place and the support to make it an attractive and affordable place for a local economy to thrive.

I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a professional. I’m a mother of two. We need a fresh voice on our City Council and I can bring it to the table. I want to work with people, not against them, in a way that is respectful and courteous, yet challenging. I’m a collaborative problem solver. I’m a creative problem solver. We need to figure out how to come to solutions that are going to serve the people of Ypsilanti in the best way possible. I believe we can do politics without drama.

I believe in community engagement. I believe in sustainability. I believe in creative solutions to hard problems. I believe in Ypsilanti.

We need new guidance. We need new eyes to see a clearer path. We need to work together under confident leadership to bolster the city we love, the community we live in, our friends, our families, and ourselves. I can help us do that.

Vote for Liz Dahl MacGregor for Ward 3 City Council. We do better when we solve problems together.