Some Exonerated Prisoners Denied Compensation

Aug 17, 2017

Marwin McHenry received over $175,000 after spending four years in prison.
Credit Cheyna Roth / MPRN

Hearings to compensate people who were wrongfully convicted in Michigan are underway.  Only half of the people on Wednesday left with any money.

Two of the four cases were thrown out.  That’s because the statute requires new evidence be part of the reason the former inmate is exonerated.  The law that went into effect earlier this year lays out certain circumstances where a former inmate can receive compensation.

Marwin McHenry is one of the wrongfully convicted who’ll be compensated.  He’ll get over $175,000 for the time he served in prison.  McHenry says he’s grateful for the money he got, but –

“It’s never enough, no dollar amount is enough for the time.  Really nothing can make up for the time that was lost.”

McHenry is in his mid-twenties.  He says he plans to go into real estate. 

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