Sports Writers Call For Michigan Football Coach Brady Hoke To Be Fired

Sep 29, 2014

UPDATE: Dave Brandon, U-M Director of Athletics has issued a statement taking joint responsibility for this situation along with head football coach Brady Hoke.  

Sports writers for the Michigan Daily newspaper say head football coach Brady Hoke should be fired, and not just because the team has struggled this season.

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They say Hoke kept quarterback Shane Morris in Saturday's game against Minnesota after Morris suffered a blow to the head. 

Co-managing sports editor and football beat writer Greg Garno says it looked like Morris suffered a concussion, and leaving him in the game should cost Hoke his job.

"When you jeopardize a player's health, that signals to us that you're not able to do your job and therefore just have to be fired," Garno says.

Garno says all four Michigan Daily football writers agreed to the very strong language in the "SportsMonday" column, in which they also criticize Athletic Director Dave Brandon for not taking action to fire Hoke. 

Writers for USA Today and SB Nation are also calling for the coach to be fired. 

For his part, Hoke has said he didn't see the hit in question, or Morris being helped to stand by teammates. 

WEMU's calls to the University of Michigan athletic department seeking comment have not been returned.