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State House To Vote On Medicaid Expansion

Aug 30, 2013

The State House had already passed a version of a bill that would extend Medicaid benefits to about 320,000 low-income residents in 2014. The State Senate stalled the measure until this week, when it passed a version with some new elements. 

WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, State House lawmakers are again preparing to vote on Medicaid expansion.

The Michigan House next week is expected to take up the issue of Medicaid expansion.  Earlier this week the Michigan Senate voted 20 to 18 to make more adults eligible for medicaid. The vote came after months of delay and now needs approval from the state house before it can be signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

State Representative David Rutledge says he's very pleased the senate took action and is only surprised it took so long. Rutledge says he's confident it will be handled quickly when the house returns Tuesday.
The plan provides about 320,000 additional low-income adults with Medicaid coverage in 2014.
Governor Rick Snyder has been pushing fellow Republicans to approve the Medicaid expansion.