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Sticks & Stones - Words Have An Impact Prompting An Ypsilanti Social Art Happening

Aug 3, 2016

Yen and Nick Azzaro
Credit Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

Words can hurt... so an Ypsilanti couple is holding a "social art happening" on Friday to put a face with the pain.

I spoke with Nick and Yen Azzaro, who are organizing "Sticks and Stones," a public art piece at the intersection of Washington and Ferris Streets in Ypsilanti Friday evening.

Yen Azzaro says they are trying to get people to recognize the power of words.

The owners of an Ypsilanti art, design, and photography studio will begin the event with a 30-minute silent street demonstration where people carry signs printed with negative comments about the community.

Credit Chin-Azzaro

After that, there will be a social street party designed to make people think about the comments they make and the impact they have.

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