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Successful First Day Of School Year For Ypsilanti's Holmes Elementary School

Aug 11, 2014

The principal of Ypsilanti's Holmes Elementary School says the first day of the new year went off great.  The school has shifted to a balanced schedule which means the end of the long summer vacation.

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

With rain falling kids using backpacks as umbrellas jumped into the car for their ride home, or lined up for the first after-school bus ride of the year.  Despite the new calendar being a change from the norm for Holmes Elementary, principal Charles Raski hasn't heard grumblings from families or staff.All of the staff choose to stay with the school and has already spent an entire week in the building.

Raski says having shorter breaks should result in more quality time in the class room, "When you come back to school you spend a lot of time on climate and culture, building relationships, procedures, routines, expectations, how do we walk down the hallway.  We do all this now, but it's going to pay off because we're going to be doing less of that and more instruction."

Even during the couple week long breaks that Holmes will have starting in October, the school will be open some of the time to provide enrichment options for most students.

Parent Diana Noble is excited to have her kids back in school in what she thinks will be a more streamlined learning process.

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