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Toyota Announcement Has York Township Officials Smiling

Apr 29, 2014

News that Toyota plans to move about 250 jobs from Kentucky to its Technical Center in York Township has township officials smiling.

Credit twp-york.org

Township Supervisor John Stanowski says his community will benefit from the new jobs, but so will Washtenaw County.  He says engineers like to live in nice homes, and that should help the housing industry.

"That's always good," Stanowski says, "because if the housing industry is booming that creates more jobs.  There's a trickling effect all the way down to the lumber yards providing the lumber, so it'll be good for the county as a whole".

Stanowski says he doesn't expect there will be much work to do at the township level to accommodate Toyota's plans for a new building on the Technical Center campus, since the original plans called for 13 buildings and the company is only occupying a fraction of that number presently.