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Oct 17, 2014

Analysts predict the cost of the 2014 election will exceed billions of dollars. Most of these dollars are being spent advertising in print, on television and radio, and online.  I know my inbox has been flooded with campaign ads and fundraising appeals and yours probably has too. Beyond the election advertising we are also bombarded by an endless news coverage cycle of sound bites, quips, spin and misstatements.    

But non-profit public radio 89.1 WEMU, is different.

WEMU takes you beyond the advertising and sound bites to find the context of people, issues and ideas that matter. We bring you a clearer picture of candidates, their positions, and how their campaigns are being funded.  On WEMU you’ll hear lively and thought provoking discussions from all sides, and great music that gives you temporary respite.

You learn. You’re engaged.

And in regard to the billions of dollars being spent:  well, WEMU will not receive any of those funds. We are supported by the financial generosity of you and other listeners, and not political or advertising dollars. We think that’s a good thing.  Nothing influences WEMU’s election coverage except the need for you to receive complete, thoughtful, unbiased coverage.  Your contribution right now will help us pay for the high-quality, dependable coverage you need to in order to make your decision in November. We are proud to be funded primarily by you and other listeners who value something different.

Please make your gift to WEMU today. Your investment will help keep the news and music you have come to expect from us commercial free and independent.  When you think about how many much you listen to and rely on WEMU, a gift of $500, $300, or any amount you choose is just pennies per hour.

And I give you my word, when you make an online gift to WEMU you won’t instantly receive a message asking for another.

 Vote for what matters.  Your pledge of support is a vote for WEMU.

We thank you.


Molly Motherwell

General Manager

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