Washtenaw Board Of Commissioners Will Weigh In On Controversial Plastic Bag Measure

May 18, 2016

Plastic Bags
Credit Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

A public hearing will be held tonight at the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners meeting regarding a plastic bag ordinance.

If the board approves the measure, customers would be charged at checkout lines to get a plastic bag.  But a state bill that has already been approved by the Senate could stop local governments from enforcing such regulations if it becomes law.

Commissioner Andy LaBarre says the bill would throw out their ordinance and cost the county money.

"What is it?  You know, $200,000, or something like that, that we spend basically screwing around getting these plastic bags out of machines and such.  I would expect that to continue."

Local recycling centers continue to report issues with plastic bags getting caught in the equipment.

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