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Washtenaw County Is Ready To Implement Active Shooter Alerts

May 13, 2016

Active Shooter Training
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Michigan state legislators approved a bill that will create a system similar to the Amber Alert set-up that will inform residents when there is an active shooter.  What does this mean for Washtenaw County?

Marc Breckenridge is the director of Washtenaw County's Emergency Services Division.  He says Washtenaw County is ready.  They've actually had a similar alert system already in place for about four years, but for a different reason.

"Hazardous material accidents--in the case of a hazardous material accident on the freeway, where there's a significant quantity of extremely hazardous substances released that could harm the community."

Once the new system starts running, Washtenaw County will add it to their system to inform residents through smartphones about an active shooter in the area.

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