WCC Extends Contract For President Rose Bellanca

Jul 30, 2015

Washtenaw Community College's Board of Trustees has approved another contract extension for the school's current president. Dr. Rose Bellanca has served as WCC's president since 2011. Under the new agreement she will continue to serve through 2018.

Dr. Rose B. Bellanca became the fourth President of Washtenaw Community College (WCC) in August 2011. She is the first woman to lead the institution since it was founded in 1965.
Credit Washtenaw Community College

Mark Landau, Chair of Washtenaw Community College's Board of Trustees  says the decision still needs to be finalized.  Landau explains the board based its decision off of Bellanca's key leadership throughout the past year on both academic and performance issues.  In a press release announcing the extension, Landau added:

 "Under President Bellanca's leadership, the College has met high benchmarks set by the Board. In light of her considerable achievements, it is my pleasure to announce the extension of her contract."

Bellanca is credited with the following success during her tenure as president of the College: 

  • Establishing the college's first comprehensive strategic plan in 14 years
  • WCC receiving the largest percentage increase for the past three years in the State of Michigan, including $4.4 million for it's Skilled Trades Equipment Program
  • Establishing an Advanced Transportation Center to train students  for carrers in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Raising over $8.5 million for the WCC Foundation on  a student-focused campaign
  • Contract extensions with professional and technical unions

 If approved, Bellanca would earn $211,140 per year through her contract until June 30, 2018.