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Wolverines For Life Highlight The Need For Organ Donations

Oct 12, 2015

Students, faculty and transplant recipients lined up on the University of Michigan's Diag Monday to highlight the ongoing need for more organ donors.

  The event was organized by the Wolverines for Life advocacy group to raise awareness of the ongoing shortage of organs available for transplant.

  "We wanted to create a line where there shouldn't be a line. We don't think people should have to wait for life-saving donation," said the director of the University of Michigan Transplant Center, Dr. John Magee. 

"This line across the Diag today illustrated the pressing need for donation of organs, tissue, bone marrow and blood."

  22 people die across the US every day while they wait for an organ transplant.

  In Michigan alone more than 35-hundred people are currently waiting for a replacement organ, blood or bone marrow transplant.