Workshops Promoting Local Food Production Kickoff Monday In Ypsilanti

Dec 4, 2014

You soon may see more local food options at your favorite grocery store.  

A series of workshops promoting local food kick off next week with a session focused on helping cottage food businesses become commercially licensed. The license is needed to sell online and ship products.

Olivia Vigiletti is Growing Hope's Farmers Market Manager. She says how difficult the transition is depends on what type of food you sell. "But it can be a huge challenge, especially if the things you're working with have to be at a certain acidity level, such as jam, or salsa, or hot sauce. It can be a huge challenge to get all of those tested. It can be a big upfront cost," Vigiletti says.

Future workshops will focus on branding, resources available in Washtenaw County, and what you need to become a farmers market vendor

Monday's event starts at seven at Spark East in Ypsilanti.

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