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Tuesdays during Morning Edition 7:50am & 9:50am

Tuesdays during Morning Edition 7:50am & 9:50am

Hosted by Deb Polich, president/CEO of Creative Washtenaw & Artrain

The arts + creative industries in Washtenaw County add hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy, add to our quality of life and place and interconnect with other sectors. creative:impact is an exclusive feature of WEMU 89.1 FM that tell that story through the local artists and creative people – professionals, amateurs, students and industry experts leading the sector locally, nationally and internationally. They have creative practices, businesses and hold creative jobs in profit, nonprofit, educational and government entities. With deep connections to Washtenaw County, they make the greater Ann Arbor area one of Michigan's strongest and most vibrant arts + creative industry hubs. creative:impact airs Tuesday mornings at 7:50 a.m. and 9:50 a.m. during Morning Edition and repeats the same afternoon during All Things Considered.

  • From exhibitions to theater to ghoulish fun, there are plenty of arts and creative events taking place during Ypsi in October. The Neighborhood Theatre Group’s Kristin Danko and Holy Bones Festival’s Holly Schoenfield join host Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to give her all the ghostly details.
  • Everyone is on the dance floor when the Ann Arbor Community for Traditional Music and Dance (AACTMAD) strikes up the music. Whether Contra, Swing, Morris, or English County dance, it’s a dance party! Bruce Sagan, a musician and dancer and AACTMAD president, joins "creative:impact" host Deb Polich and tempts her to get out on her dancing shoes.
  • The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra scored a musical triumph when it named Earl Lee, a rising star in the international world of classical music, as its 14th music director and orchestra conductor. Maestro Lee joins "creative:impact" host Deb Polich days before his debut with the orchestra.
  • Mary Kerr is the doyen of destination marketing. As the doyen of destination marketing, she has led our travel and tourism bureau for the last 27 years putting the greater Ann Arbor area — including Washtenaw County arts and cultural attractions —on the travel and tourism map. Mary joins "creative:impact" host Deb Polich to talk about her career and her upcoming retirement.
  • Straddling Washtenaw and Jackson Counties, the Waterloo Farm and the Dewey School Museum is a cultural heritage site that has preserved the way of life for pioneer farmers of Michigan, including their family life and their children’s schooling. Join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to meet Ralph Schumacher, who has deep connections to the site and learn what you can discover from years gone past.
  • Fifty years ago, in June 1972, the first LGBTQ+ pride celebration was held in Detroit. It was a seminal moment now captured in illustrations by Isabel Clare Paul in a comic book: "Come Out! In Detroit." Join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to meet Isabel and also learn the important role played by Ann Arbor activists at the start of the movement.
  • That’s the belief of Robin Robinson, a talented musician, Broadway musical actor, and singer/songwriter who now fills her soul helping children and their families discover the joy of music at Robinsongs for Kids. Join host Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to meet Robin and hear why she was inspired to leave New York to teach.
  • Volunteers are the energy behind many nonprofit organizations. A great volunteer never overstays their welcome. The Ann Arbor Summer Festival knows Steve Guttman is a great volunteer. He’s been with them for decades! Join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to meet Steve and hear why he’s at the Top of the Park year after year.
  • Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. These magnificent Great Lakes transcend borders connecting two countries, eight states, and two provinces. Long the fascination of writers, much has been written about these deep-water lakes. Join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative:impact" to meet Inger Schultz, co-founder of the Library of the Great Lakes.
  • There are so many American myths: the Mayflower Story, George Washington never telling a lie, and then there is Francis Scott Key penning the lyrics to what became our national anthem. How much is of the "Star-Spangled Banner" story is true? Join Deb Polich on this edition of "creative impact." She welcomes back musicologist Mark Clague, whose new book, "O Say Can You Hear?" breaks down the music from the myth.