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Deb Polich

  • The tradition of community bands dates back centuries. We learn about the local bands that entertain residents on national holidays and put on concerts in parks and auditoriums when local community band experts Jerry Robbins and William Perrine join Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • Historic preservation architect and advocate Ilene Tyler has an answer. The Michigan Historic Preservation Association does too, as it honors Ilene and her Ann Arbor Old Fourth Ward Association colleagues with the 2024 Community Award for historic preservation activities that promote and protect the neighborhood. Ilene joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • Tabletop roleplaying games, or TTRGs, are Lana Krolikowski’s game of choice. So much so, that while on a “nerdcation,” she was inspired to create a business — Saving Throw Pillows, which is targeted at TTRG players. What’s a nerdcation, and what does Saving Throw Pillows make? Find out when she joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s creative:impact.
  • Imagine hitting the stage for a performance without ever seeing a script! That’s what an improv artist like Tony DeRosa does…gets on stage, is given an idea or phrase and runs with it. Tony is bringing improv to a new venue soon to open in Ann Arbor. We meet Tony and learn about hear.say brewing + theater opening in Ann Arbor this summer when he joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • It took 40 years and a Facebook page to make Steve Girbach’s and John Mooneyham’s dream to open a music club come true. Together, they launched Manchester Underground Music and Art to bring live music to downtown Manchester. We meet Steve and hear the origin story about the club when he joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • Book publishing and printing has long held a place among businesses in Washtenaw County. Dzanc Books, an independent nonprofit publishing house in Ann Arbor, continues that tradition. We learn about Dzanc Books when publisher and editor-in-chief Michelle Dotter joined Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • Where are the arts + creative industries now, four years since the COVID pandemic devastated our lives, communities and businesses? Alison Watson, director of the Michigan Arts & Culture Council, has a view of the sector across the state. Alison joined Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact," and we catch up on the current state of the arts.
  • Our spaces—the places we live and spend most of our time—can be our happy place. Designing happy spaces is what Kami Michels does. As the director of interiors at Center Design Build, she helps people create a place where they can renew and restore. Kami joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact" to talk about the art of interior design.
  • As a recording artist and music producer, Dr. Rod Wallace amplifies hip hop. He is an educator who applies the study of music technology to ignite and inspire youth. Rod is busy planning the March 2nd Detroit Electronic Music Conference at Washtenaw Community College. Meet him when he joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."
  • Capturing 200 years of history is a daunting task, but the Ann Arbor District Library’s archive manager, Andrew MacLaren, is up to the challenge. He is leading the Ann Arbor 200 project—200 digital releases throughout the bicentennial year that explore Ann Arbor's history from a 2024 point of view. Listen in to hear all about it when Andrew joins Deb Polich on this edition of WEMU’s "creative:impact."