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Josh McAllister

  • In this edition of "On the Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Cathy Shafran and Concentrate Media reporter Rylee Barnsdale take a look at a new concept for youth in Ypsilanti Township. It is called a "makerspace". It is intended to give area youth a purpose and some income at the same time. They discuss the makerspace further with community activist Elisa Guyton, who has been a driving force in this project.
  • There are some who describe Ypsilanti Township as a "food desert", where access to healthy and affordable food is difficult to those without transportation. But businesses and government officials are working to address the lack of food access in Ypsilanti Township. In today's edition of "On The Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Cathy Shafran talks with Concentrate Media Reporter Rylee Barnsdale about her site's reporting on efforts to bring fresh food opportunities closer to the community, along with one of the community members working to make this possible, 2Marines co-founder Josh McAllister.