Big Hearts for Seniors
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Big Hearts For Seniors serves older adults in Washtenaw County and, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, plans to hold an upcoming storytelling event online.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Shannon Etcheverry, director of Silver Club Programs, and local storyteller Breeda Miller about the planned "Big Hearted Stories: Experiences of Aging" event.

Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners plans to improve public services in the county for senior citizens by establishing a Commission on Aging.  

This week on "Modern Aging," WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with local aging expert Dr. Theresa Reid about what it means to tell someone to "act your age."  Cultural attitudes about aging are changing a lot, and Theresa suggests making the command to people of any age is out of date.

Is it a good idea to become an entrepreneur after 50?  WEMU’s Lisa Barry and Dr. Theresa Reid discuss the pros and cons of creating your own company or community at a later age and share resources on how to make that happen in this edition of "Modern Aging."

"There is so much to do in our later years," according to Ann Arbor aging expert Dr. Theresa Reid, who shares a lot of information about the possibilities in this month's "Modern Aging" with WEMU's Lisa Barry.

Modern Aging
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In this edition of "Modern Aging," our WEMU feature about “a new way of aging,” WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Theresa Reid, who was inspired by a new book by dancer Twyla Tharp, encouraging us to keep moving as we age.


As a caregiver, dealing with someone experiencing dementia can be challenging.

The Eastern Michigan University Aging Studies program is bringing in a special speaker and offering a wellness fair this week to share information and tools for dealing with the aging process.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with the director of the EMU program, Dr. Cassandra Barragan, and student Christine Moellering about challenges and solutions to dementia and overall aging.

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In rural communities, services, such as grocery stores, medical facilities, and access to public transportation, can be seriously limited.  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was created by the Corporation and National Community Service (CNCS) and housed within the Senior Services department at Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County. The RSVP program seeks out community partnerships who are in need of volunteers to help support their mission and goals. Manchester Community Resource Center director, Laura Seyfried and local RSVP volunteer Delores Notten talk about the program's efforts and goals with WEMU's David Fair in this week's "Washtenaw United."