Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Frick'n Good Cookies
Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

Cookie lovers can find a unique cookie variety at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.  Called "Frick'n Good Cookies," they are named after the Frick family who went into business nearly a year ago making and selling cookies with a unique shape and flavor.

Lisa Barry talks with Mikayla Frick, who helped create the cookie company using her grandmother's secret recipe and technique.

Slow Farm
Slow Farm Organic U-Pick / Facebook

The pandemic has impacted all parts of our economy, including the local agricultural community.  But, there are positives that have resulted and reasons for giving thanks, too!  Kim Bayer is owner of Slow Farm in Washtenaw County.  She joined WEMU's David Fair to discuss COVID-19 impacts on local farming for this week's "Issues of the Environment." 

Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

The sign reads "Humankind Be Both" and is popping up around Ann Arbor, the state, and even across the country.  Ann Arbor resident Keith Kurz came up with the idea and asked a work colleague's 12 year-old daughter to design it.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Keith to find out more about the idea and how the sentiment is spreading throughout the community.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

So many things are different in our daily lives because of the global health crisis we are currently experiencing.  One thing that has been able to stay operational, with certain public health modifications, is the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.  WEMU’s Lisa Barry has found a bit of comfort and joy in weekly visits to a long-time, farmers market vendor she calls “her flower guy.”

City of Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market says having customers wear masks will be essential in keeping the market open.  

Ann Arbor Farmers Market Open For On-Site Purchases

May 29, 2020
City of Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market adds more services after hosting a soft re-opening earlier this month.  

Ann Arbor Farmers Market Open For Pre-Orders

May 11, 2020
City of Ann Arbor /

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market reopened for the first time this past weekend since the COVID-19 crisis. 

Michigan Theater
Michigan Theater /

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the performance arts.  WEMU's Lisa Barry and Wendy Wright talk about the many different performances taking place locally from theatre to jazz to community concerts.

Nawal Motawi
Motawi Tileworks /

As the owner and artistic director of Motawi Tileworks, Nawal Motawi has been playing with clay and fire for decades.  To this day, Motawi art tiles are still handcrafted.  Hear how she started her business in her garage and sold her tiles at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market and now sells in more than 300 locations across the country and Canada when Nawal joins David Fair and Deb Polich on this week’s edition of "creative:impact."

Jorge Avellan / WEMU

Ann Arbor Public Schools' billion dollar bond proposal is getting mixed reactions from local voters.  89.1 WEMU's Jorge Avellan spoke with voters and has their thoughts on the issue. 

89.1 WEMU
Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

In the second half of WEMU's Lisa Barry's interview with news director David Fair and jazz and blues host Michael Jewett, the conversation picks up as they look back at their lengthy on-air careers at WEMU.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market
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It’s been a full century now since the Ann Arbor Farmers Market first hit the downtown streets.  It was in a different location then, but the idea of a direct-to-consumer way to sell locally produced foods has stood the test of time.  On this week’s “Issues of the Environment,” David Fair gets a historical and present-day perspective and a peek at what the future may hold with market manager Stephanie Willett.

Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

It's not easy to describe exactly what FestiFools and FOOLmoon, which take place each spring in Ann Arbor, are all about.  89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with artist and organizer Mark Tucker and University of Michigan artist-in-residence Lavinia Hanachiuc about the annual public arts event coming up in early April.

Courtesy Image / Core Spaces

Civic engagement opportunities abound in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County!  You may weigh in on the proposals of what Ann Arbor should do with the "Library Lot."  This week, you can learn about the University of Michigan's new budget and potential tuition changes.  Those are just a few of the topics covered by WEMU's David Fair and the CivCity Initiative's Mary Morgan in "Civic Matters!" 

Lisa Barry

Zingerman’s just reopened their refurbished creamery on Plaza Drive.  Now called "Cream Top Shop," it features an expanded retail space that includes seating.  In addition to eating lunch or a snack, you can sit and watch the employees make fine cheeses and creamy gelato.