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Ann Arbor Planning Commission

Accessory Dwelling Unit
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Ann Arbor's planning commission will meet tonight and they will discuss a zoning change that could create more housing in the city. 

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor's Planning Commission will meet tonight.  Plans for a new dog park will be included in a general parks and recreation presentation.

Nixon and Dhu Varren
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New housing developments often lead to concerns about increased traffic.  But what if the additional traffic is expected to use an already busy and awkward intersection?  Ann Arbor officials hope to avoid this problem on the city's north side where Green and Dhu Varren Roads don't quite line up where they intersect with Nixon. A redesign of the intersection is expected to be part of developments planned for the area.

Ann Arbor
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The Ann Arbor Planning Commission is expected to set their work agenda for the year Tuesday night.  That's when they vote on the annual review of the master plan.    

Ann Arbor Greyhound Bus Station
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The art moderne facade on Ann Arbor's Greyhound Bus Station will be preserved as the building is torn down for a new six story building.  The plannning commission Tuesday night will consider the site plan for a nearly 90,000 square foot building at Huron and Ashley.  

Ann Arbor
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A proposed apartment building for active adults highlights a growing number of developments planned for Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Municipal Center
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Ann Arbor's Planning Commission Tuesday will consider the site plan for a proposed restaurant on Fourth Avenue, as well as a change to the zoning ordinance regarding drive-thru facilities. 

Based on recommendations made Tuesday night, we may be getting a better picture of what  new development of the old YMCA property in Ann Arbor will look like.

The Ann Arbor Planning Commission issues its recommendations last night. Should the city choose to sell the property to a private developer, the Planning commission urges it use the "Request For Proposal" process. 

As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, the commission also include a list of conditions any developer should have to meet in order to benefit the city in the long term.