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Ann Arbor YMCA

Ann Arbor YMCA

With the help of local high school students, the Ann Arbor YMCA is offering virtual tutoring support during the pandemic. 


To help meet an increase in demand for daycare during COVID-19, the Ann Arbor YMCA will open an all-day, school age child care in Ypsilanti Township.  

Ann Arbor YMCA

The Ann Arbor YMCA is expanding its school-age programming to meet the daycare demand during COVID-19.  

Ann Arbor YMCA

The Ann Arbor YMCA received a $20,000 grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation for ongoing COVID-19 response.  


The Ann Arbor YMCA has extended its COVID-19 food assistance program through August.  


The Ann Arbor YMCA will offer summer camps in Washtenaw County this year once the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order is lifted.  

YMCA / ymca.net

Despite COVID-19, the Ann Arbor YMCA remains optimistic about offering summer camps in Washtenaw County this year.

Susan Smith / United Way of Washtenaw County

The New Year is officially underway, and the United Way of Washtenaw County has now kicked off its 21-Day Equity Challenge.  Ann Arbor YMCA President/CEO Toni Kayumi and Ypsilanti Township trustee Monica Ross-Williams talk to WEMU's David Fair about how they hope to improve equity, particularly on the Eastern side of the county, through partnership, development and increased opportunity. 

#OTGYpsi: Ann Arbor YMCA Activities Expand To Include Ypsilanti Residents

Aug 7, 2019
Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

The Ann Arbor YMCA has contributed much to the community, especially when it comes to getting kids more physically and socially active.  But recently, the organization decided to take its efforts beyond the confines of Ann Arbor and into Ypsilanti, which is now known as the "Y on the Fly" program.  The program's director, Tess Jackson, along with Ann Arbor YMCA president Toni Kayumi and aquatics coordinator Kimberly Baetz, join WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg for a conversation about "Y on the Fly" in this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi."

Mood Lifters

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the art of well being.  Mental health issues impact millions of people, so Ann Arbor psychologist Dr. Patricia Delden developed a program teaching evidence-based, mental health strategies.

Focus On EMU: All About The Collaborative

Oct 6, 2018
Child Care
Eastern Michigan University / emich.edu

The Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center, also known as the Collaborative, was created to provide child care to low-income families in Ypsilanti.  It also provides assistance to parents attending Eastern Michigan University.  WEMU's Patrick Campion talks about the Collaborative with EMU doctoral candidates Nigora Erkaeva and Veronica Konglim, EMU's assistant director of community relations and engagement Caroline Sanders, and Ann Arbor YMCA regional child development director Lee Anna Pasker.

#OTGYpsi: The East Washtenaw Basketball League

May 2, 2018
Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Some kids dream of becoming basketball's next superstar, and the East Washtenaw Basketball League may provide a first step.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Brianna Kelly talk to Steve Petty, Vice President of Healthy Living and Social Responsibility at the Ann Arbor YMCA, about what the league can offer Washtenaw County's youth.

Ann Arbor
City of Ann Arbor / a2gov.org

After postponing a vote on whether or not to repurchase the former downtown YMCA property, known as the "Y Lot," Ann Arbor's city council will discuss the issue again tonight.  

#OTGYpsi: Ypsilanti's New Affordable Child Care Facility

Apr 18, 2018
Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

The Ann Arbor YMCA, Ypsilanti Community Schools, the Ypsilanti Housing Commission, and Eastern Michigan University have all joined forces to create a new child care center called "The Collaborative."  It is expected to open at the former Chappelle Elementary School site this summer.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsilanti," WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Brianna Kelly talk to Toni Kayumi, President and CEO of the Ann Arbor YMCA, about the new facility.

Based on recommendations made Tuesday night, we may be getting a better picture of what  new development of the old YMCA property in Ann Arbor will look like.

The Ann Arbor Planning Commission issues its recommendations last night. Should the city choose to sell the property to a private developer, the Planning commission urges it use the "Request For Proposal" process. 

As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, the commission also include a list of conditions any developer should have to meet in order to benefit the city in the long term.