Back Office Studio

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

This week for "On The Ground Ypsi", WEMU's Lisa Barry and On the Ground Ypsi project manager Sarah Rigg talk to an area mother of one who started her own business. She shares how she stays motivated and involves her young daughter in her work while setting a positive example of having a good work/life balance.


Artwork produced by Ypsilanti Community Schools students is on display at six local businesses after their original show in Washington D.C. was cancelled, due to COVID-19.  

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Many people work outside of a traditional office space, whether it's at home or at a coffee shop.  Such working situations can have a lot of distractions, which is why the new "Back Office Studio" in Ypsilanti was created.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg talk about the new co-working establishment with its co-owner Sun Chao and its community manager John Newman.