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Ann Arbor Healthy Streets Project Has Concluded

Nov 5, 2020
City of Ann Arbor

The City of Ann Arbor's Healthy Streets pilot project has ended.

City of Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor City Council has decided to end part of its Healthy Streets Project early over safety concerns.  


The City of Chelsea is working with the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, also known as WATS, on a study to help improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety.  

EMU Police To Host Bike Rodeo On Saturday

Aug 2, 2019
Jorge Avellan / WEMU

Eastern Michigan University's Police Department will host a Bike Rodeo this Saturday to educate the public on bike safety.  As part of the free event, kids will get to ride their bikes through an obstacle course, get fitted for a helmet and register their bikes with the police department.  Sgt. Joseph Torres is helping organize the Bike Rodeo.

EMU Police To Host 'Bike Rodeo' On Saturday

Aug 10, 2018
Jorge Avellan / WEMU

To help improve community relations, Eastern Michigan University's Police Department will host a bike rodeo this Saturday, and everyone in Washtenaw County is invited. 

Lawmakers Plan Ways To Make Michigan Roads Safer

May 29, 2018
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Lawmakers in Lansing want to make Michigan roads safer.  Bills to require a 3-foot gap when passing bicyclists are moving through the Legislature.  And some lawmakers want to tackle distracted driving next.

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The state House has approved a bill to require vehicles to keep a distance of at least three feet when passing bicyclists. 

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Survivors of last year’s deadly bike crash near Kalamazoo testified Wednesday before a state Senate committee in support of safety legislation.

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When drivers and bicyclists don't share the road, there can be terrible consequences.  So, the City of Ann Arbor took action.  In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair talks to Bradley Parsons, a board member for the Washtenaw County Biking and Walking Coalition, about a new measure designed to reduce accidents involving bike riders.

Border-to-Border Trail
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The City of Ypsilanti's non-motorized advisory committee has released information about some of its projects for next year.  

Ann Arbor
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A big construction project started today in Ann Arbor to rebuild a local road.  It's expected to last until August of next year.

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As more and more roundabouts are added on local roadways, Washtenaw County officials want to make sure motorists are clear on how to use them.  

Jorge Avellan / 89.1 WEMU

The League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area held a debate for both Democratic candidates running for the city of Ypsilanti's 3rd ward council seat.

Commuter Challenge
Commuter Challenge

Many drivers in cities such as Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti will walk, bike, or take the bus to get to work this week, instead of driving as part of a commuter challenge.

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As more residents in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County take up winter cycling, safety is becoming an even greater issue.  In this week's 'Issues of the Environment,' WEMU's David Fair and Ann Arbor Transportation Program Manager Eli Cooper discuss winter and year-round road safety and where the city is headed with its programs.