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City of Ann Arbor

Six environmental and climate organizations in Washtenaw County have endorsed the City of Ann Arbor’s affordable housing proposal that voters will see on the November ballot.  

City of Ann Arbor

The City of Ann Arbor plans to align its Solid Waste Resources Management Plan with its A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan.  

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council will continue discussing the city’s Solid Waste Resources Management Plan tonight.  

Liesl Clark
State of Michigan /

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has set a goal of making Michigan a carbon-neutral economy by the year 2050.  She has also announced a $500 million water infrastructure plan.  Liesl Clark is director of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy and this month's guest on "1st Friday Focus on the Environment."  She discussed the initiatives with WEMU's David Fair and Michigan League of Conservation Voters executive director Lisa Wozniak.  

Christopher Taylor
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Despite this year's focus on the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest, climate change remains a great threat to the world.  This past June, Ann Arbor city officials took a major step in fighting this crisis by approving the "A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan."  The overall goal is for the city of Ann Arbor to completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.  Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor details the plan further in a conversation with WEMU's David Fair for this week's "Issues of the Environment."

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council has approved the city’s “A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan” after making an amendment to the project.  

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s city council will continue discussing the “A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan” Monday night.  

Ann Arbor Solarize Program Underway

May 12, 2020

Ann Arbor’s city council hasn’t officially adopted the city’s community-wide carbon neutrality plan, but part of that plan is already in motion.  

City Of Ann Arbor Celebrating Earth Day Online

Apr 21, 2020

The City of Ann Arbor will host Earth Day activities on April 22nd, but it will be a virtual celebration this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ann Arbor Moves Forward With Carbon Neutrality Plan

Apr 13, 2020
City of Ann Arbor /

The City of Ann Arbor continues to move forward with its “A2 Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan,” despite facing some challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Missy Stults
Planet Blue-University of Michigan /

Last year, the City of Ann Arbor declared a "climate emergency."  Now, the city aims to be carbon neutral by the year 2030.  Missy Stults, City of Ann Arbor's Sustainability and Innovations Manager, provides further details on the plan with WEMU's David Fair in this week's "Issues of the Environment."

University of Michigan
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On February 4th of this year, U-M President Mark Schlissel revealed the chosen members of his new Commission on Carbon Neutrality.  On WEMU’s "1st Friday Focus on the Environment," you’ll hear from the commission co-chair, Jennifer Haverkamp, and from commission member Lisa Wozniak about the mission, the work, and anticipated outcomes in the effort to achieve total carbon neutrality.