champions for change

Morgan Foreman
Morgan Foreman

Growing up in a household infused with art, creativity, and as the granddaughter of Motown Temptation Melvin Franklin, Morgan Foreman-McGovern gained confidence and direction.  She is a Renaissance woman: a dancer, singer, advocate for the environment and the BIPOC community, and the constituent services director for Michigan Representative Felicia Brabec.  She tells Creative Washtenaw's Deb Polich and WEMU's David Fair her story on this edition of "creative:impact."


Washtenaw United
David Fair / 89.1 WEMU

Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW) has made it its mission to get nonprofit organizations the help they need.  Their latest endeavor is the "Champions for Change" project, which intends to help achieve racial equity in leadership positions.  Two of NEW's representatives, Melvin Henley and Will Jones III, explain the program in detail in this week's "Washtenaw United" with WEMU's David Fair.