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Each week, WEMU's Lisa Barry checks in with On The Ground Ypsi's Sarah Rigg to talk about one of her online Concentrate Media stories being published that week. They talk with Emmeline Weinert from Ypsilanti's Hope Clinic about two Ypsilanti nonprofits creating new solutions of support for those in need of baby care products in the community.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the final two bills of the new state budget. We have more from Rick Pluta.

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The Child Care Network in Ann Arbor has seen about a 32% increase in requests for child care assistance since the pandemic started.  


To help meet an increase in demand for daycare during COVID-19, the Ann Arbor YMCA will open an all-day, school age child care in Ypsilanti Township.  

Ann Arbor YMCA

The Ann Arbor YMCA is expanding its school-age programming to meet the daycare demand during COVID-19.  

Sivan Jones
Sivan Jones

The prospect of an uncertain school year is causing a great deal of worry for most parents.  A new service in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area called Family Pod Match aims to help navigate ways to alleviate some of that stress during COVID-19 and the new academic year.  For this week's "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair talks with the program's founder, Sivan Jones, about how she can help find the right family match to share the burdens of daycare, so working parents can better balance need and uncertainty.  

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has extended the emergency child care services executive order for essential workers.  

Lisa Barry

University of Michigan graduate and local parenting expert Nancy Serlin has advice on what to say to your kids about the COVID-19 pandemic.  She talked to WEMU's Lisa Barry and offers tips on overseeing their school work and keeping them calm and occupied while everyone is stuck at home.

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This week for "On The Ground Ypsi," WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Sarah Rigg from Concentrate Media about her latest online story about The Collaborative: Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center.  Their guest is Donetta Mazyck, director of the Collaborative, and one of its success stories.

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To paraphrase, it takes a village to create a full-service child care and early childhood development center.  A group of like-minded partners combined resources and created 'The Collaborative'-Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center.  In this week’s "Washtenaw United," WEMU’s David Fair talks with Eastern Michigan University Director of Student Engagement Decky Alexander and EMU doctoral candidate Veronica Konglim about the creation, purpose, and impacts of 'The Collaborative.'

Focus On EMU: All About The Collaborative

Oct 6, 2018
Child Care
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The Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center, also known as the Collaborative, was created to provide child care to low-income families in Ypsilanti.  It also provides assistance to parents attending Eastern Michigan University.  WEMU's Patrick Campion talks about the Collaborative with EMU doctoral candidates Nigora Erkaeva and Veronica Konglim, EMU's assistant director of community relations and engagement Caroline Sanders, and Ann Arbor YMCA regional child development director Lee Anna Pasker.

#OTGYpsi: Ypsilanti's New Affordable Child Care Facility

Apr 18, 2018
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The Ann Arbor YMCA, Ypsilanti Community Schools, the Ypsilanti Housing Commission, and Eastern Michigan University have all joined forces to create a new child care center called "The Collaborative."  It is expected to open at the former Chappelle Elementary School site this summer.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsilanti," WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Brianna Kelly talk to Toni Kayumi, President and CEO of the Ann Arbor YMCA, about the new facility.

YMCA And EMU Working On New Childcare Center

Apr 6, 2018
Eastern Michigan University
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The Ann Arbor YMCA has joined forces with Eastern Michigan University, the Ypsilanti Housing Commission, and Ypsilanti Community Schools to offer a new childcare program.