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Debbie Dingell
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President Joe Biden is visiting Portage, Michigan today to tour a Pfizer facility that produces coronavirus vaccines.  Meantime, 12th District Representative Debbie Dingell is in Washington working on passing the Biden Administration's  COVID-19 relief and stimulus package.  Dingell joined WEMU's David Fair today to update progress on that and other federal initiatives.  

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Abortion has moved to the forefront of national politics.  Where lawmakers stand on the issue has become a litmus test when determining if someone is a Republican or Democrat.  But it hasn’t always been this way.  As part of a joint project with the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, Cheyna Roth reports, the political shift started around 1980...

Michigan State Senate
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Republicans in Lansing worked at a breakneck speed Tuesday to pass legislation that would allow politicians in Michigan to solicit campaign contributions on behalf of political action committees. 

Campaign Finance Bills Pass The Michigan Senate

Sep 15, 2017
Campaign Finance
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Michigan won’t limit how much money corporations and unions can spend to influence elections in the state – under legislation that’s cleared the state Senate.