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Governor Gretchen Whitmer rolled out a plan Wednesday to help health care staff, retail workers, and delivery people pay for college or job training.  We have more from Rick Pluta.

Skilled trades
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer says Michigan has encouraged students to seek four-year college degrees at the expense of encouraging careers in skilled trades.  As Rick Pluta reports. the Whitmer administration says that’s cost the state’s economy, employers, and workers.

University of Michigan
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Working to erase the stigma of depression and coming up with better ways of treatment are just some of the reasons for this week’s University of Michigan annual “Depression on College Campuses" conference.

89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with the founder and director of the The University Depression Center, Dr. John Greden, who will be speaking at the conference on March 14th.

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Students need more options outside of traditional, college-track education.  That’s the thought behind new legislation scheduled to be introduced this week. 

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The high cost of a "higher education" may not be paying off, according to a Washington, D.C. non-partisan think tank.  This is especially true for Michigan colleges.

EMU Exhibit Makes Suicide More Visible

Sep 21, 2015
Amanda LeClaire

It's difficult to start a conversation about depression with nearly anyone at any age. With busy schedules, high expectations, and less life experience than many older adults, college students may be a more challenging demographic to reach for mental health professionals.