creature conservancy

Creature Conservancy
Patricia Billette / Creature Conservancy

With more than 300 animals of some 80 species, Ann Arbor's Creature Conservancy is struggling to keep them fed and cared for, due to several impacts from our current global health crisis.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks to Creature Conservancy founder "Steve" about losing more than 50% of its annual income as the Ann Arbor nonprofit struggles to stay open to keep the rescued exotic animals cared for at this difficult time.

Lisa Barry

From nature walks to dinosaur bones, most people are familiar with many of the opportunities to see animals in the Ann Arbor area.  But did you know on the southwest side of the city there are dozens of unique animals to see and learn about?

As part of our ongoing "Hidden in Plain Sight" series, 89.1 WEMU’S Lisa Barry takes you to the “Creature Conservancy.”