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In our daily drives this time of year, we frequently encounter cyclists on the paths and roadways around town.  More often than not, we continue on our journey without another thought about the person we see riding to points unknown.  Sometimes, there is a more going on than meets the eye. In this installment of WEMU’s “Hidden in Plain Sight" series, Jorge Avellan takes you inside a program that is helping those with disabilities pedal to greater independence. 

Michigan Supreme Court
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The Michigan Supreme Court says religious schools cannot claim a blanket exemption from being sued for violating anti-discrimination laws.

US Supreme Court
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The so-called “logic games” section of the Law School Admission Test puts blind students at a disadvantage.  That is the argument of a Michigan man who filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court.

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Michigan is now the fifth state in the U.S. to launch a savings program for people with disabilities.