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Disparities made more obvious by our current coronavirus pandemic and a recently commissioned report by the Ann Arbor Community Foundation brought light to inequities in the way capital is invested across Washtenaw County.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Ann Arbor Community Foundation CEO Neel Hajra about what they learned in their recently commissioned report and how they plan to move forward investing nearly $2 billion more equitably across all parts of the county.

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The City of Ann Arbor has a better idea on what a COVID-19 financial recovery plan will look like. 

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Ann Arbor’s city council will host a work session tonight to discuss a financial recovery plan as a result of the economic impact caused by COVID-19.  

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This fall, the Americorps program will celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Washtenaw County has a robust Americorps program.  In this week's "Washtenaw United," you'll meet two members who are taking the service work component of the program and building personal and professional growth into something of benefit to the greater community.  WEMU's David Fair welcomes current Americorps member Tien Holmes and Americorps alumnus Brian Rakovitis to talk about the paths they're forging.  

Washtenaw United
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As tax season gets closer, managing your finances can be challenging.  Because of this, the United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) has partnered with local investment firm Revalue for an event called "Show Me the Money Day," which will offer free financial advice to any interested resident.  UWWC financial stability specialist Tien Holmes and Revalue CEO Angela Barbash join WEMU's David Fair for a conversation about personal finances, financial literacy, and the resources to plan for the future on this week's "Washtenaw United."

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High schools in Michigan might have to add financial literacy to their curriculum.  Schools would have to offer a class on personal finance management skills like spending, saving, borrowing and investing to 11th and 12th graders.  That’s if a bipartisan bill making its way through the state Legislature is passed.

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The state is trying to find ways to help medical marijuana businesses that are having trouble finding a bank or a credit union. 

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Michigan’s monthly unemployment rate has dropped to 4.7%.  That’s the lowest it’s been in 15 years.   

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The University of Michigan Credit Union is hosting a couple of workshops designed to steer people towards a life of meaning rather than a life of consumption this holiday season.  

Washtenaw County Treasurer Catherine McClary is a co-sponsor of the "Tis The Season to Hang Onto Reason" workshops. She says the program provides alternative ways to celebrate the upcoming holidays, not based on consumerism. 

The workshops are taught by Kathryn Greiner, Director of Education at the U-of-M Credit Union and a renowned speaker and budget guru. 

The workshops are free of charge, but pre-registration  is required.

The first is scheduled for Saturday from 10 to 11:30 a.m.  The second is Thursday, November 7th from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Both take place at the University of Michigan Credit Union.