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March 10th is the one-year anniversary of the first cases of COVID-19 being diagnosed in Michigan.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talked with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer about a special remembrance planned for that night and what it's been like for her to lead the state through this global health crisis over the past year.


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"The Racial Roots of Vaccine Skepticism" is what an upcoming virtual roundtable discussion involving several state and local lawmakers is being called.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with State Senator Jeff Irwin and Charles Wilson from the Washtenaw County Health Department about the planned community conversation on the racial roots of vaccine skepticism as part of Black History Month.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration has rolled out more police reform plans.  As we hear from Rick Pluta, the plans include a ban on chokeholds and requiring other officers to intervene where they see misconduct.

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About 14% of Michigan's population is African American.  Roughly 40% of COVID-19 fatalties are in the African American community.  It is an alarming statistic.  Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist heads the state's Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities.  He joined WEMU's David Fair and Michigan League of Conservation Voters executive director Lisa Wozniak to discuss what is being done to address the immediate crisis.  He also highlights the longer term issues that will need to be addressed and what the role of the task force will be to that end. 

Garlin Gilchrist
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As chair of the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force On Racial Disparities, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist says they've already met once and plan to meet again this week to come up with quick solutions for the problem of more African Americans dying from COVID-19.


WEMU's Lisa Barry spoke with the lieutenant governor about the problem that local health officials say has been detected in Washtenaw County as well.

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Focusing on three key areas including education, small businesses, and volunteerism, Michigan's lieutenant governor, Garlin GIlchrist, has been working closely with the governor as the state grapples with the current health pandemic.  WEMU's Lisa Barry spoke with the lieutenant governor about efforts on the state and federal level concerning the impacts of the health pandemic, including some personal stories about how it is affecting his young family.

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Michigan Democrats finalized their portion of the November ballot this weekend.  There were few surprises yesterday at the Democratic convention.