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Instead of its regular in-person ceremony, Eastern Michigan University’s December commencement will be held virtually this Saturday, December 19th, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  


Because high school graduation ceremonies had to be canceled due to COVID-19, Ann Arbor Public Schools will kick-off their alternative celebrations Friday for the Class of 2020.  

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The University of Michigan is holding an "online celebration" this Saturday for its 2020 graduating class, since the coronavirus has forced it to cancel its traditional commencement ceremony.

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The high cost of a "higher education" may not be paying off, according to a Washington, D.C. non-partisan think tank.  This is especially true for Michigan colleges.

EMU Graduates
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It's a rite of passage on Sunday as Eastern Michigan University holds its Spring Commencement

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The school year is almost over, and many college graduates are getting ready to look for their first real job.  Unfortunately, that search is being made even tougher thanks to a recent increase in phishing scams.