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Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

#OTGYpsi: New Tool-Lending Library In The Works For Ypsilanti Residents

Oct 2, 2019
Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Habitats for Humanity of Huron Valley (HHHV) has been helping out Washtenaw County residents for years.  While the organization is mostly known for building houses, it has attempted other projects that could bring locals closer together.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," HSHV community development coordinator Ceara Murtagh joins WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg to talk about a new tool-lending library that's coming soon to Ypsilanti's West Willow neighborhood.

United Way of Washtenaw County
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The New West Willow Neighborhood Association was formed in 2015 and, ever since, the future of the Ypsilanti Township neighborhood has become brighter.  Long-time resident, association member, and neighbohood watch activist Janice Williams provides a look at living in West Willow and building to something greater. 

Jorge Avellan / WEMU

An Ypsilanti Township military veteran received a new roof Monday, thanks to the national Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project.  89.1 WEMU's Jorge Avellan was there and has the story.

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

In the years following the Great Recession, Ypsilanti neighborhoods have rebounded from economic and housing problems.  However, Ypsilanti's Sugarbrook neighborhood has seen a slower upswing.  So, the Huron Valley chapter of Habitat for Humanity decided to step in.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg learn all about this redevelopment project from Sugarbrook neighborhood watch coordinator Glenn Fitzhugh and Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley representative Ceara Murtagh.

Ballot Box
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There's only two weeks left until the general election.  In the meantime, Ann Arbor will be hosting forums regarding the Library Lot and other issues, and the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners will discuss financial security.  These are just a few of these issues discussed in this week's "Civic Matters" with WEMU's David Fair and the CivCity Initiative's Mary Morgan.

Jorge Avellan / WEMU

When you hear the term “Student-Athlete,” we think about the full-out effort it takes to succeed in the classroom and on the field.  Those endeavors are easily recognized.  At Eastern Michigan University, the football team continues to improve on both fronts.  But, there are efforts the players are putting forth that aren’t quite as public. Many are making indelible marks on the wider community.  As 89.1 WEMU’s Jorge Avellan reports, that component in the life of a student-athlete is “Hidden in Plain Sight.” 

Habitat for Humanity
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Habitat for Humanity has building and repairing homes for the less fortunate for decades, and its efforts have been felt here in Washtenaw County.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media's Brianna Kelly talk to Sarah Teare, community development manager for Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley, about the organization's latest efforts.


Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley will descend on Ypsilanti Township's West Willow neighborhood this weekend to help homeowners with chores like painting and cleaning out gutters.

A dozen or more homes will be targeted in Saturday's effort. 

Habitat's focus on helping to revitalize the West Willow neighborhood is expected to continue for several years.

Find out more about Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley online: