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There is a place in Ann Arbor that offers flotation, cryotherapy and salt rooms as a way to reduce stress and increase a sense of wellness.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Kelley and his sister Peg Kelley who operate "The NeuroFitness Wellness Center" hoping to optimize the mind-body connection to reduce stress and boost a sense of well being. 

Douglas Madaras

As an artist and an award winning architectural designer, Douglas Madaras of Ann Arbor says love is what inspires his work and gives him the strength to move forward while facing many of life’s challenges.

He talks with WEMU’s Lisa Barry about his love-centric art and how he taps into a greater sense of purpose in the work he does and in his many different artistic expressions.

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Well-being is not just about our mental health, but includes our physical health and both aspects combined. WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Lisa McDowell, director of lifestyle medicine & clinical nutrition at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, about their new "Lifestyle Medicine Program," which educates people on how to enhance their overall health and even reverse some health issues.

Liza Baker
Liza Baker

Ann Arbor health coach and author Liza Baker talks with WEMU’s Lisa Barry about an overall health strategy to boost your immune system as we all do what we can to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gretchen Whitmer
State of Michigan /

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says gatherings of 100 or more people should be cancelled or postponed.  She says businesses should relax their sick leave policies.  As we hear from Rick Pluta, these recommendations are part of her response to the first reported cases of COVID-19 in the state.

US State Department

Testing for the coronavirus, now also being referred to as “COVID-19,” continues in Michigan at the state level, and so far, there are no confirmed cases.

Swabs can be taken by your local health provider, and test results are available in four to five hours.

Susan Cerniglia of the Washtenaw County Health Department says fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the symptoms of the Coronavirus they are most concerned about, impacting older adults more than younger adults or children.

Washtenaw United
David Fair / 89.1 WEMU

"Girls on the Run" is a national program with a Washtenaw County chapter.  It is a 10-week program designed to get girls moving but with an even more aspirational goal: Empowerment and confidence.  In  this week's "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair talks to two of the program's leaders, Rhonda Fields and Manuela Yost.  Plus, you'll meet one of the program's beneficiaries, Yost's daughter, Linda Gomez.

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There's growing concern about a contagious virus that has claimed at least 17 lives and sickened hundreds of others mostly in China.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks to Washtenaw County Health Department communications manager Susan Cerniglia, who says they are closely watching what happens now that 20 million people have been quarantined in China, where most of the cases have occurred so far.

Tina Reynolds
Michigan Environmental Council /

Pollution found in our air and water can lead to serious health issues.  A new report from the Children’s Environmental Health Network explored such risks, especially for children.  Michigan Environmental Council program director Tina Reynolds discusses the report with WEMU's David Fair in this week's "Issues of the Environment."

Tony Reames
University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability /

A number of Americans have difficulty paying their energy bills, which can be very dangerous to a person's health during the winter months.  Dr. Tony Reames, an assistant professor at the U-M's School for Environment and Sustainability, is now researching ways to better understand the correlation between environmental health and income.  Dr. Reames discusses his work with WEMU's David Fair for this week's "Issues of the Environment."

EMU Today /

Now that sales of recreational marijuana have begun in Michigan, the Eastern Michigan University Cannabis Education Coalition is hosting a special event December 5th intended to help clear up some of the confusion about what happens next.

WEMU's Lisa Barry spoke with Nicholas Pomante and Sean Woolfe from EMU's Student Wellness Department to find out what participants can expect from the free event open to the community.

Trish Koman
University of Michigan Multidisciplinary Design Program /

Many cities and residents in Michigan have already begun to feel the effects of climate change.  Such changes can damage the environment and public health.  Dr. Trish Koman, a research investigator for the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, and her colleagues have developed the Michigan Environmental Project, an online mapping tool designed to track climate change impacts in Michigan.  She talks about how the project works with WEMU's David Fair in this week's "Issues of the Environment."

Anne Mondro
Stamps School of Art & Design /

Meet Anne Mondro, an artist whose creative practice is at the intersection of art and health and, specifically, memory loss disease.  She talks with David Fair and Deb Polich about how engaging in art can create meaningful experiences for people with memory loss and their caregivers on this edition of "creative:impact."

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Many entrepeneurs have made their way into the Ypsilanti area.  A few of those business owners came with the purpose of healing its residents through more holistic and spiritual means, such as yoga, acupuncture, and massage practices.  Among these special folks are Aubrey and Art Schupbach, who own the yoga studio Zion Well, and they join WEMU's Patrick Campion and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg for this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi."

University of Michigan
University of Michigan School of Public Health /

The appearance of the chemicals known as PFAs in local waterways has become a serious problem.  Yet, a recent study determined that certain foods contain such contaminants, as well.  In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair discusses the research with Dr. John Meeker, professor of environmental health sciences at the U-M's School of Public Health.

Michigan State Senate
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New measures would ban abortions after a doctor detects a fetus’s heartbeat.  Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth reports bills were introduced Wednesday in the state Senate.

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Pure and pasteurized milk and dairy products may taste good and be good for you, but the process that brings you this product may be making you sick.  WEMU’s David Fair explores a new study showing the plastics used in processing are contaminating some dairy products with toxic chemicals.  Mike Belliveau is executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center and this week’s guest on "Issues of the Environment."

Jorge Avellan / WEMU

89.1 WEMU's Jorge Avellan found a business in Ypsilanti that produces something that's been around for thousands of years.  Now, with more flavor offerings and product lines, its popularity is only growing, thanks in part to a local compamy that has, for the most part, remained  "Hidden In Plain Sight." 

Anne Bannister
City of Ann Arbor /

The Fermi 2 nuclear power plant is about 30 miles from Ann Arbor.  A radiation leak could have dramatic impacts on public health.  Ann Arbor City Council has passed a resolution to begin the process of arming residents with tablets that can protect the human thyroid system.  Ann Arbor City Councilwoman Anne Bannister discussses the plan with WEMU's David Fair in this week's "Issues of the Environment."

Cindy Klement
Cindy Klement /

Due to a lack of government oversight, toxic chemicals have become much more prevalent in our daily lives.  In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair talks to EMU professor and Ann Arbor nutritionist Cindy Klement about ways to manage these toxins before any serious damage can be done.

Washtenaw County Health Department

The Washtenaw County Health Department recently published a new report that looks behind the facts and numbers of the growing opioid epidemic and focuses on a comprehensive community approach to the problem.

89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry talks to a county epidemiologist who authored the report focusing on "how did we get here" when it comes to the increase in deadly opioid overdoses.

Focus on EMU: Gift Of Life Campus Challenge

Feb 8, 2019
HASO / Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University's Health Administration Student Organization is urging you to "give the gift of life."  EMU is again participating in the Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge, "During the five-week Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge, colleges and universities compete to see which school can sign up the most people to donate life."  Patrick Campion sat down with Earlene Stone, President of HASO, to talk about organ donation, the competition, and how exactly you inspire college students to discuss this difficult subject.  

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Some health advocates want to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases.  The American Cancer Society also wants changes to make pricing for cancer treatments more fair in Michigan.

How To Eat Healthier In The New Year

Jan 2, 2019
Jorge Avellan / 89.1 WEMU

Eating healthier is usually among the top New Year’s resolutions as the holiday season comes to an end.  So, to make a bit easier for you, we spoke with local health and food experts to provide you with tips.   89.1 WEMU’s Jorge Avellan has the story.


Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

When parents try to talk to their kids about subjects like drugs, sex, or suicide, the kids may not want to listen.  So, the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti developed the "Health Ambassadors" program, which uses younger counselors to work with teens on these tough subjects.  In this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg learn all about this program with Corner Health Center behaviorial health coordinator Jen MacLeod and health ambassador Cecilia Aguilar.

Tsu-Yin Wu
Eastern Michigan University /

Eastern Michigan University strives to be a leader in health research in the state of Michigan.  Thanks to a federal grant, Dr. Tsu-Yin Wu, a nursing professor from EMU's College of Health and Human Services, will be able to take such research to new levels, especially for Michigan's Asian-American community.  Dr. Wu talks about her plans for this federal grant with WEMU's Patrick Campion in this week's "Focus on EMU."

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Healthy Michigan means better credit for Michigan’s low-income residents.  That’s according to a new study on the state’s Medicaid expansion released Monday.  It found that people on the plan improved their financial health since getting the insurance coverage.

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Michigan hasn’t prioritized public health – and now it’s paying for it.  That’s according to a new report from the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, a non-profit public affairs research organization.

K-State Research and Extension /

Michigan patients now have less access to opioids for severe pain.  This is the final law to take effect in a package of bills signed last year.

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Medical experts from around the state say people with HIV need to be treated like patients, not criminals.  They support legislation that would reduce the criminalization of the disease.