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Michigan Governor's race

Gretchen Whitmer
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Gretchen Whitmer will be Michigan’s next Governor. The Democrat and her Lt. Governor partner, Garlin Gilchrist III, out-polled Republican Bill Schuette and Lisa Lyons Posthumous, taking 57 percent of the statewide vote. A majority of Washtenaw County voters picked the Whitmer ticket in the governor’s race. 

Whitmer will take over for Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who could not run for re-election because of term-limits. The former state legislator will be sworn into office in January.   

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The second and final debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor aired last night. 

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In just two weeks, Michigan’s next governor will be decided – and that decision will have come with a hefty price tag.

Ballot Box
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If you want to have a say in deciding Michigan’s next governor, you must register to vote by today.  Governor Rick Snyder is unable to run again due to term limits.  That makes this the first time in eight years Michigan residents have a governor’s ballot without an incumbent.

Gretchen Whitmer
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Former top-level state officials with the Snyder, Engler, and Milliken administrations are among a group of Republicans and independents publicly endorsing Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for governor.

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Former state Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons will be Bill Schuette’s running mate for the 2018 gubernatorial election. 

Race For Michigan Governor Set For November

Aug 8, 2018
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Republican Bill Schuette and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will battle it out for the governor’s seat in November.  Libertarians also had a choice for governor on the primary ticket for the first time in Michigan’s history.

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For the first time in Michigan history, Libertarian candidates for governor will be on the August primary ballot.  That’s because the party got enough Michigan votes in the 2016 election to put the party on the primary ballot.


Government officials, gubernatorial candidates, and business and industry leaders have spent the week on Mackinac Island.  Through the week, some policy decisions have been made and, as we head toward mid-term elections, some issues are taking definitive shape.  Rick Pluta has been covering the Regional Chamber Conference on the island and joins WEMU's David Fair for a look back at the week and a look ahead to what's to come.