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Michigan Supreme Court
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The Michigan Supreme Court will take another look at whether it’s ever OK for taxpayer dollars to go to private or parochial schools.  As Rick Pluta reports, the court is responding to a challenge against state budgets.

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The former dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine was found guilty Wednesday of misconduct.  Cheyna Roth reports.

Michigan State University
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A jury is expected to begin deliberations today in the trial of former Michigan State University Dean William Strampel.  As Cheyna Roth explains, Strampel is accused of two felonies and two misdemeanors.

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A state elections board is going to work on new rules to govern petition drives that want to get issues before the Legislature or on an election ballot.  As we hear from Rick Pluta, the board’s job is complicated by legal challenges.

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The state department in charge of Michigan’s prisons is not happy with a proposed spending plan in the state Legislature.  Cheyna Roth has more.

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A new idea to raise money to fix the state’s roads involves selling state assets to pay for the infrastructure.  As Cheyna Roth reports, the assets include the Blue Water Bridge.

Great Lakes
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The National Transportation Safety Board blames human error and equipment failures for an anchor strike that dented the Line Five pipelines.  Attorney General Dana Nessel says the report is evidence the twin pipelines needs to be removed from the Great Lakes

Michigan State Senate
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New measures would ban abortions after a doctor detects a fetus’s heartbeat.  Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth reports bills were introduced Wednesday in the state Senate.

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The Republican leadership in the state House and Senate has filed a challenge to a recent opinion by Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel.

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Opening statements and first witnesses were called yesterday in the criminal trial of the former dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University.  Cheyna Roth was in the courtroom for the case of The People versus William Strampel.

Gretchen Whitmer
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The annual Detroit Regional Chamber Policy Conference is underway on Mackinac Island.  It attracts the state’s political and business leaders.  This year is the first time Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has attended the event as Governor.  On the Grand Hotel porch, Whitmer signed bipartisan legislation to roll back auto insurance rates in exchange for capping medical coverage.  Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta sat down with the Governor.

Adam Hollier
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A lawmaker in Michigan wants to start a task force aimed at helping curb the state’s lead problem.  The task force would not just be focused on lead in the water.

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A federal judge says Michigan has to hold a special election in 2020 for certain state Senate districts.  And the Legislature and governor have to come up with new political lines for the US House, state Senate, and state House districts by August.

A federal panel of judges says the district lines were originally drawn in favor of Republicans.

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More money could be added to the state’s wrongful conviction fund.  Lawmakers on Thursday sent a bill to add $10 million to the fund to the governor’s desk.

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A federal court in Michigan says that the state's Republican-controlled legislature unfairly drew some of Michigan's state legislative and U.S. House district lines and that a divided government will have to come up with new boundaries.

A panel of three judges said that 27 of 34 challenged districts diluted the weight of people's votes and that every challenged district is unconstitutional.

The next time parking enforcement officers use chalk to mark your tires, they might be acting unconstitutionally.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that "chalking" is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The case was brought by Alison Taylor, a Michigan woman whom the court describes as a "frequent recipient of parking tickets." The city of Saginaw, Mich., like countless other cities around the country, uses chalk to mark the tires of cars to enforce time limits on parking.

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The state House Transportation Committee meets today to continue hearings on fixing roads. 

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A recent report says improvements are needed to the state’s system that protects children from abuse and neglect. 

Theresa Brennan
Livingston County

A state commission says a judge in Livingston County should lose her job due to serious misconduct on the bench. 

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to fix the state’s roads in a single budget is getting pushback.  The head of the Republicans in the Senate has his own ideas for how to handle a new roads policy.

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Former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon was in court today and will return to continue the hearing today.  A judge is deciding whether Simon should stand trial for charges that she lied to law enforcement.

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A state agency has issued its first official advice to help businesses that want to get into the marijuana business.  That’s after voters legalized marijuana in Michigan last November.  

Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump revved up his supporters in Grand Rapids last night on issues ranging from the Mueller investigation…to health care….to immigration.

World Map
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Proposed new standards for teaching history and social studies in Michigan would include references to abortion, climate change, and gay rights.  The new standards have been at the center of political battles at the elected state Board of Education.

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Michigan will move on its own to establish state drinking water standards for PFAS chemicals.  That order came yesterday from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Foster Care
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A federal judge says a computer program that’s supposed to help ensure Michigan kids in foster care are safe is a failure.  Governor Whitmer says it will be fixed or replaced.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to stop using school aid fund dollars for higher education could hit a roadblock.

Michigan State Senate
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Some Republican lawmakers in Lansing want to shorten the time period when a pregnant woman can get an abortion.  A bill in the Senate would make it a felony to perform abortions after 20 weeks of the probable conception.

Jeff Irwin
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18th District State Senator Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) is looking to renew a debate in the state Legislature on a tax policy that helps working poor people keep more of their earnings.

Dana Nessel
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It started last October.  More than 70 police officers, special agents, and government officials executed search warrants on each of the seven Catholic dioceses in Michigan simultaneously.  They loaded vehicles with boxes and filing cabinets – everything they could find related to potential sexual abuse by priests who have worked in Michigan from 1950 until now.  Attorney General Dana Nessel says Michigan is the first state to execute a search warrant on the Church in this way.  Now, Nessel says she expects her office’s investigation to last at least two years.